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Providing Turnkey Network Capacity

We own, develop, operate, and commercialize dark fiber through leasing capacity to support hyperscalers, internet service providers, wireless and wireline providers, State DOTs, educational and healthcare networks, and other large enterprises.

Our networks benefit customers looking to capitalize on unique high-fiber count routes along protected Rights of Way (ROW), connecting Tier 1, 2, and 3 markets. Reach out to our team of experts to learn more about how our networks can benefit your organization.

Our Network Partners

“The new Pennsylvania network will have capacity to fulfill a number of middle-mile transport requirements for high-speed broadband access in underserved communities, rural internet service providers, regional and national wireline and wireless carriers.”

John Gary, Fiber Sales Director, Inside Towers Article

Networks You Can Rely On

Purpose-built fiber optic networks constructed with the latest technologies to deliver today’s high-bandwidth applications to business, schools, public services, cell towers, healthcare facilities, and homes.

Ready to get Started?

Let’s chat about fiber networks. Tilson Infrastructure’s experienced team is ready to build a custom network with optimal performance.