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Supporting Next-Generation Innovation at the Discovery Park District

Telecommunication Tower Being Erected

By Alda Licis

Technology is moving faster than ever – and growth requires infrastructure which can support the next generation of applications and devices. Tilson Infrastructure, in partnership with Purdue Research Foundation, is leading the charge by laying the foundation of a powerful fiber network to support innovation at Discovery Park District at Purdue in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Discovery Park District is approximately 400 acres of land under development for tech acceleration research/development, living units, and retail storefronts. It attracts national clients including Saab and Rolls-Royce and will support a new $1.8B chip fabrication facility.

Since 2019, Tilson and Purdue have been designing a new way of supporting innovators. By thinking about technology from the earliest phases of development, they have created an integrated network spanning the entire Discovery Park District – inside and out. In addition to the high-fiber count network, Tilson Infrastructure has completed stacking a brand-new cellular tower, which already has signed a major carrier lease agreement with a second expected for 2024. Coupling wireline and wireless platforms together provides the foundation for exemplary network resiliency and speed and will continue to attract high-profile, enterprise tech companies.

Technology is of course not limited to innovation – it’s a part of our everyday life. By providing high speed fiber to every tenant, Discovery Park District can boast cost savings to tenants through property technology. Tenants can lower their operating costs through using technology to control and monitor property energy saving devices, appliances, security, and landscaping.

Additionally, our exclusive contract with Purdue creates a program which will maintain competitive rates through the wholesale leasing of dark fiber to major ISP companies. This will provide not only flexible service options to customers, but also maintain competitive rates for end users.

Each day we learn more about the opportunities available at Discovery Park District and identify new ways to provide the infrastructure for future tech. Purdue Research Foundation officials are adding in-building and rooftop CBRS technology as well as a private network at adjacent Purdue University Airport. We are excited to be early partners in this community-based project and to grow with its tenants and neighbors providing next generation applications and devices.

Want to learn more about how Tilson Infrastructure can partner with other community-based development projects? Contact our sales team today!

Fiber Sales:
John Gary  

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Western US: Todd VanBoxtel

Tilson Infrastructure provides elemental infrastructure, including poles, towers, and fiber, to support carrier networks. We aggressively focus on providing our customers with lower costs by combining or decoupling asset classes as needed. Learn how we helped the Purdue Research Foundation to provide economical solutions using elemental infrastructure here.