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Communications Capacity Across Pennsylvania 

Tilson workers

For Immediate Release



PORTLAND, Maine (10/13/2021). Tilson, a national network development services firm, and its asset owning affiliate, Tilson Infrastructure, backed by SDC Capital Partners, have partnered with Plenary Americas and Plenary Broadband Infrastructure (PBI) to maintain, operate, and develop network infrastructure and extend broadband capacity along 220 miles of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The large-scale fiber optic network project will increase broadband accessibility to unserved and underserved communities and support advanced telecommunications applications for improved safety and mobility on the Turnpike. Construction began earlier this spring along the eastern part of the mainline and completion is estimated for early 2022.

“This unique partnership will produce a fiber-optic infrastructure that will become an essential element for roadway monitoring and surveillance, allowing us to enhance safety and improve incident response on our system as well as set a foundation for rural broadband,” said Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission CEO Mark Compton in a press release dated Thursday, October 7, 2021.

PBI and Tilson Infrastructure will commercialize dark fiber capacity along the route and develop network infrastructure that will provide increased connectivity for the region, while also maintaining both the intelligent transportation and commercialization infrastructure to ensure high reliability. The network will enable customers including large enterprises, internet and telecom providers, cable multiple-system operators, municipalities, and educational institutions to expand their service areas and customer reach on direct, low latency routes across Pennsylvania. 

“Plenary Broadband Infrastructure is proud to be partnering with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to increase broadband capacity and accessibility through an innovative, long-term partnership,” said Ed Dice, Director of Project Delivery for Plenary Americas. “Our team is committed to providing reliable and highly responsive network services for the benefit of all Turnpike users and the broader Pennsylvania market.”

Businesses interested in dark fiber may contact John Gary at or visit