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Creative Ownership Solutions to Expedite Infrastructure Deployment

Infrastructure deployment

It can be frustrating to suddenly lose your cell phone connection while driving along the highway in a heavily populated area. In many cases, this happens when there are gaps in coverage, despite the installation of nearby macro towers. Tilson Infrastructure was selected by a national mobile wireless carrier to help fill one of those coverage gaps – in this case, along a busy highway interchange just outside of Burlington, Vermont.  


Tilson Infrastructure’s customer determined that the best way to fill the coverage gap was by deploying a small cell. A small cell is typically mounted on a utility pole, and offers localized coverage without the siting limitations, expense and deployment timeframes of a new macro tower. However, after months of trying, the carrier was unable come to agreement with the local electric utility for use of its poles and did not have approval to set a new pole in the road right-of-way.   


Tilson Infrastructure developed the small cell on private property in the needed area by placing a specialized light pole at the entrance of a subdivision. We worked closely with the pole manufacturer, a custom metal fabricator, and the local Homeowners Association (HOA) to match the aesthetics of the HOA’s existing light poles. Today, Tilson Infrastructure owns the light pole and pays ground rent to the HOA. 

We Can Help 

By working around local limitations and eliminating the burden of owning and maintaining a specialized utility pole, Tilson Infrastructure helped the wireless carrier close its coverage gap. Today our customer’s customers – including the HOA residents – enjoy expanded wireless coverage in this busy area.